When you plant a tree, there is a lot of work that happens long before you begin to see signs of life. Yet just because you begin to see small seedlings pushing their way through the dirt, that doesn’t mean this new tree is ready to stand on its own. It’s survival requires all of the necessary elements to thrive. Sun, water and nutrients are each imperative in transforming this seedling into a healthy tree. Starting a new church really is a lot like planting a tree. There has been a lot of groundwork leading us to this point; now we need your help. Will you partner with us? We appreciate your eagerness to be a part of what God is doing in Boulder County. If you are giving toward a special project, be sure to make note of that in the “Designation” box below. Or as always you can donate with your Paypal account by clicking the link below. If you are looking for a way to have your gift automatically deducted from your bank account on an ongoing monthly basis, head over to our Pledge page. Either way, please know that we don’t store your credit card information and that your gift will be processed securely. Thank you!


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