Are We There Yet?


I have a confession to make. I HATE waiting. I hate not being THERE yet. It’s not so much that I don’t enjoy the journey. I just don’t like not being there yet. Abraham was 75 years old when God promised him a son. This ridiculous promise he was given was not realized for 25 years! I am personally beginning to understand in my own small way what it feels like to trust God for a promise that feels long overdue.

Four years ago this month I sat in my Superintendent’s office in Colorado Springs. I shared with him a vision to plant a church in Boulder County Colorado. My wife and I were still living in Springfield, Missouri. I was on an exploratory mission back to my home state; it was just the day before my meeting that I visited Boulder County for the very first time. It was during that week that I fell in love with the area that would become my home, my calling, my passion and my testing.

From everything I had learned up to that point about planting a church, it was going to be incredibly difficult. In retrospect that may have been a gross understatement… The other thing I had learned about church planting was about it’s pace. From what I had observed, I should have been prepared for a buckle up, breakneck, hold on to your knickers, and a dozen other speed related clichés sort of pace. However difficult and/or painful the experience was to be, I would know pretty quickly if I sucked at it. How wrong I was.

Little did I know that four years into the journey, I would still be laying the foundation. Or that after four years I would just NOW be planning for our public “launch”. Just as with Abraham, God’s plans for our process required a patient trust in God’s timing.

Four years is way less than twenty-five, but in our breakneck paced ministry paradigm It sure seems like a long time. And yet, in the last few months we have begun to see some of the promises God made to us four years ago become a reality, many in ways we would have never anticipated. I am so glad we have waited and continue to wait on God’s timing.

Let me give you just one example of how God’s promise has been fulfilled. One of the very first components of the vision God gave us was to create an organic local gathering place Also known as a Third Place. As huge coffee nerds, we wanted to start a first class coffee shop. We were dissuaded from pursuing that for ourselves because of the startup costs. I decided I would get a job at a local coffee shop. Not long after that I was made manager. When the Café moved locations a month ago, I was given the opportunity to design and build the space around our needs as a church plant. Last week I sat across the espresso bar that I built and shared pieces of my own testimony with one of my friends and a regular at the café. At least two or three times I caught my friend wiping tears from his eyes. The Holy Spirit was so evident in that conversation. As my friend left the café I stood in shock at what had just happened.

I am sure as Abraham held Isaac in his arms for the very first time waves of realization washed over him. All the moments of doubt and insecurity, came back and faded in his heart; replaced by an overwhelming sense of God’s purpose and faithfulness. Last Friday as I stood across the espresso bar from this friend God brought into my life I had that exact experience. Ideas God had put in my heart were being made real right before my eyes. It is still very hard for me to believe.

Four years after sitting in my District Superintendant’s office sharing a vision for all I believed God was leading us to, we stand at the entrance of the tent laughing and weeping, because while we trusted God all along, we were never as trusting as He was faithful.

Our team is on track to begin having small public gatherings in the café this coming Easter.

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